Krishna Kant

the majority-minority party equation in the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) changes at a much slower pace than in the Lok Sabha. There may be occasions when a party enjoying a majority in both the Houses is reduced to a minority during an election in the Lower House, but remains a majority in the Rajya Sabha. Some experts argue that this position is an anomaly because it derogates from the theory of mandate, which holds that popular mandate, at any given time, gives to the winning majority an untrammeled right to initiate legislations germane to that mandate. The need to carry the opposition majority in the Upper House is, by inference, an anomalous provision. There is the added danger, that the Opposition in the Upper House can use its majority to embarrass the government of the day

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From an IBM blog

The best frying pan in the world can’t make rotten eggs taste any better.

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Nehru to Field Marshal Kariappa introspecting over the 1948 Kashmir War

You see, U.N. Security Council felt that if we go any further it may precipitate a war. So, in response to their request we agreed to a ceasefire, Quite frankly, looking back, we should have given you ten-fifteen days more. Things would have been different then.

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The Dalai Lama

My knees are telling me that you are an 81-year-old person now

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General Shankar Roy Chowdhary over Gen VK Singh’s Comments over OROP

Gen VK Singh was the Chief of Army Staff like me so I won’t comment on what he said

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Manohar Parrikar over OROP

My biggest worry is that discipline gets compromised when non-official channels are used to air serious issues. And discipline is foremost for any uniformed force. I feel pained when social media is used to express concerns, without reaching out to us directly. Our government is sensitive to the cause of our soldiers. The anomalies will be rectified and the forces will get their due,
“There are appropriate forums to discuss and resolve serious issues, social media and other non-conventional platforms not being one among them. Most of the pending issues have been inherited by this government. Barring the disability pension, most other issues have their origin in the Sixth Pay Commission, which we are committed to resolve. It is inappropriate to allow vested interest groups to deliberately build a narrative that is factually baseless and devoid of merit,
“The military makes enormous sacrifices and makes our nation proud. But in a democratic set-up such as ours, the military has to co-exist and work closely with the civilian bureaucracy. Any trust deficit, or lack of respect between them will impair their abilities to serve their mandates and our people,”

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Shashi Tharoor on his Wife’s Death

One of the more unpleasant experiences of being in politics has been that when you suffer a personal tragedy, instead of being allowed to mourn in peace, you are harassed by a voyeuristic and sensationalist media and, I might say, by some opposition party individuals as well.

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