Tony Benn in British Parliament

In all fairness—this is an important point—we did not fight Hitler because of his persecution of the Jews; we fought because he challenged the power of the west. When Hitler died in 1945, the obituary in The Times did not mention the holocaust. I contributed in a minor way to the war, but that war was not about human rights—it was a bit more than that.

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Lord Salisbury

The commonest error in politics is sticking to the carcass of dead policies

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Boris Johnson on EU Debate

Napoleon, Hitler, various people tried this out, and it ends tragically…The EU is an attempt to do this by different methods…But fundamentally what is lacking is the eternal problem, which is that there is no underlying loyalty to the idea of Europe. There is no single authority that anybody respects or understands. That is causing this massive democratic void…The Italians, who used to be a great motor-manufacturing power, have been absolutely destroyed by the euro – as was intended by the Germans…The euro has become a means by which superior German productivity is able to gain an absolutely unbeatable advantage over the whole eurozone


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Manohar Parrikar over the AFSPA Debate

I don’t want to train the army to use lathis…We can’t lose people. So, wherever the army is used, the powers will have to be there, otherwise don’t use the army. In fact, I will be very happy if we don’t use the army anywhere in the country, other than disaster management

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Prof Bhim Singh

A dead Saddam can be more dangerous than a living Saddam for the US and UK…The execution may take a moment. But its consequences will be dangerous and long-term. It is not easy to execute a Head of State and somebody who has been a powerful ruler.

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Krishna Menon to the Pakistani Delegate to UN who was demanding Plebiscite in Kashmir

Sir, ask this gentleman whether his country has ever seen a ballot box!

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Margaret Thatcher to the Indian Ambassador Maharajakrishna Rasgotra when he enquired about how the Commonwealth Summit of a few months earlier had gone

What summit! Rajiv did not come and Benazir was heartbroken!

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