Margaret Thatcher

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.


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Roland Folger, MD of Mercedes Benz over Electric Car Market in India

It’s a catch 22 situation all over the industry. You need to reach a certain minimum amount of vehicles that you can sell consistently and sustainably to make it worthwhile investing in a factory. To put us in a position to do that, we need a ramp-up period when incentives are also extended to vehicles not manufactured in the country

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Saif Ali Khan

However, in today’s world, apologies are made through Twitter or though some other social media platform. That, is basically apologising to your fans and the world in general, instead of apologising to the person concerned, because you don’t want to lose support. These are the times we live in.

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The Dalai Lama

My knees are telling me that you are an 81-year-old person now

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Justice D Y Chandrachud on the Right to Privacy Issue

If the government collates crime data to profile a community as criminal, then it is surely violation of right to privacy. But, if the government collates data to profile areas with poverty prevalence to focus availability of food grains, could it be termed violation of right to privacy?

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Justice D Y Chandrachud on the Right to Privacy Issue

Unlimited volume of data is shared every minute and these must be getting analysed. A possible way out in this vastness for protection of privacy could be that the government must specify the purpose for collection of personal details and ensure that it was used for that specified purpose only.

But, look at the other possibility. One operating an iPhone or an iPad uses fingerprint to open the device and thereby assigning his fingerprint to the private operator. A vast majority of persons using social networking sites are unconcerned about the purpose for which their personal data is taken, analysed and used commercially. How does one draw a line between sharing personal data voluntarily and breach of privacy,

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A Sanskrit Sloka over Incomplete Work

अग्निः शेषं ऋणः शेषं शत्रुः शेषं तथैव च ।
पुनः पुनः प्रवर्धेत तस्मात् शेषं न कारयेत्॥

If fire, debts or enemies remain even in small traces, they keep growing repeatedly. That’s why, one should not leave any traces.

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